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I make myself so busy that I don't have any time in my life for fun, joy or play.

I feel guilty when I rest or take a break. I have to be doing something or I am wasting time.

I have a hard time saying no to people. I often take on commitments that I really don't want to.

Life just seems to happen to me and I am powerless to have it be any different.

My relationships with others leave me drained and depleted even though I long to feel nourished and inspired by them.

I don't feel supported in my life.

I have to figure things out on my own. I can't ask for help or I am weak.

I am envious of other people's lives.

I feel restless, anxious, and irritable a lot of the time and don't know why.

I know there's something missing, but I can't put my finger on it.

I feel chronically uninspired, stuck, blocked, and unable to follow through on even the most mundane tasks.

I am in a soul-sucking career, relationship, or both.

I don't trust my instincts and intuition and therefore have a hard time making decisions.

I won't put anything of myself ( a project, an idea, etc)f out into the world unless I think it's perfect first.

I don't speak up or advocate for myself when someone violates me in any way.

I too easily defer to others in my life, looking to them for guidance and answers instead of myself.

I am passive in my life and keep hoping things will be better on their own.

I second guess and question myself all the time.

I believe that everything that happens is my fault.

I am often confused and lack clarity about my direction or next steps.

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