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The Magic Of Letting Go

Sometimes, the kindest, most loving thing we can do for another person and ourselves is to let them go.

Check out this video to learn why.

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  1. Great video and topic. I let go of the man I had been dating for 1.5 years recently and I also feel relieved. We had broken up once before and I too was becoming this person I didn’t want to be and felt upset a lot and was questioning myself as he never, ever apologized, took ownership for any of his stuff and was a pathological liar. I am so happy now I let him go and those awful feelings I had with him are gone. The second relationship I have to let go of is my sister. Long story but she is emotionally abusive, a drug addict and liar. I have tried to help her to no avail. Stayed there for a bit recently after a sinus surgery and I can’t watch her and her 32 year old son who is out of rehab recently and staying with her killing themselves. She is 58 and had a heart attack this year and was hospitalized last year for pneumonia that almost killed her. It is just too toxic and she won’t listen to anybody and there is a ton more because she is bi-polar and now heavy drug use. I am chronically ill and need to take care of me. So, my dilemma is she is my sister and not just a friend I can walk away from. She has caused so much grief in my family and I just know this is not going to end well for her or her son. Thanks for listening. Bottom line that I hit from your video is we have to be true to ourselves. Thanks again Candance. ❤️❤️

    1. So glad this resonated with you! And, yes it’s amazing the energy we have for ourselves when we let go of people who are not meant for us. Keep pouring into you!

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