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The Gift Of Diving Deep In Therapy

Ya’ll!  I did a thing!

I am beyond excited to share that I was a guest on my friend Melanie’s Fearless Feminine Podcast!

I have wanted to be interviewed on a podcast for the longest time and am so happy my first experience was with this amazing women!  She and I went DEEP and created some kind of magic together!

Here are some highlights of what we covered:

7:00 – Candace talk about what prevents people from reaching out to get help with their mental health.

10:00 – Candace and Melanie dive into what stands in the way of people allowing themselves to receive what it is they desire most in their lives.

13:20 – Candace talks about the importance of establishing safety with her clients – and how safety is what allows a person to go deep into their emotions, pain & transformation while in the presence of another.

16:30 – Candace lets us in on the secret to being authentically yourself in the world and in relation to others.

21:00 – Candace talks about the significance of the stories we tell ourselves – like “I’m too much” or “I’m not wanted” – and how those stories stand in our way.

25:00 – Candace and Melanie note the common stories that women share – and how we are not alone in thinking we are “less than”

30:00 – Candace talks about how important it is to have someone guide you through your darkest moments

35:00 – Candace and Melanie talk about how fierce independence, self-sufficiency and not asking for help when we need are a trauma response.

37:00 – Candace and Melanie chat about abandonment wounds

Listen to the whole episode here:

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