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My Supervisor Berated and Attacked Me!

One year ago, I had an unsettling encounter at work where a supervisor berated and verbally attacked me.  I experienced a lot of anger around this and had a hard time letting it go.  I have been in therapy on and off my whole life so I was familiar with the process.  I made a thousand excuses for not sticking with it, and would get a “band aid ” fix, then stop.  So I came to Candace looking for and expecting that quick fix.  Instead, Candace helped me open myself up, explore what was there, and put myself back together in a way that has profoundly changes the way I see myself and others.  She approaches our sessions with a curiosity and openness that has allowed me to be vulnerable in ways I have never been able to with other therapists.  Through exploring my relationship with myself, I have discovered a whole new way to approach life.  I have joy now.  There is peace in my life.  I am living an authentic life that resonates with my soul.  -S.R.N.

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