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Post Holiday Self Care

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have had a bumpy re-entry into “real” life after the holidays. There is usually a bit of transition time for me, but this year has just felt really….hard.

Maybe its the ongoing pandemic, or being in more frequent contact with people I usually limit time with.  Whatever the reason, it has taken me most of this week for my energy to settle back squarely in my body.

Which got me thinking.. if post holiday self care is not a thing, it should be.  Here’s how I’ve been tending to myself this week in case you need some inspiration.

Slowing way down…My movements, my breath, my schedule, my speech,

Breath work… I have a breath practice that I hate while I’m doing it and love while it’s over. Ive been doing it a lot this week.  I’m usually a giant ball of tears by the end.  And it has a way of bringing me back home to myself.

Journaling… As you may be able to tell from the plethora of blogs, writing is a way for me to process my world and experiences.  For me, there is something sacred about putting a pen to paper and letting my feelings tumble out allover the page.  They don’t have to make sense to anyone.  Including me.

Intentional space… Putting physical and emotional space between those people who drain my energy and myself has been invaluable.  And giving myself space to feel is a life saver.

Nature…. Walks, runs, trees,  fresh air, deer, sun, streams, solitude, awesome playlists, silence, mud, dirt, birds, bugs, movement.  Yes please.  I remember who I am in the forest.

Bubble baths…. hot, with candles.  Visualizing the scattered pieces of me falling back into place.  My own energy returning to me.

Friends… reaching out for support.  Lots of crying.  Lots of letting myself to held and witnessed.

Food… Wholesome, colorful, vibrant food.  Hearty, comforting food.  Soups and stews.  Eating for nourishment and not emotion management.  When My body feels clear of crap, my spirit tends to follow.


Of course, this is good self care anytime.  I just felt really called to share it now.  The holidays are gnarly enough for most people, and this year felt especially dense.  I’d love to know if you have any post holiday ways of caring for your self that you have loved!



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