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Planting Seeds

Winter is such an inward time, underneath time.

There are no leaves on the trees, or flowers blooming, or really many visible signs of life.

But that does not not mean that there is not life happening.   Underground, out of our sight and awareness, life is preparing itself to burst forth.  There’s incubation and germination and rest and nourishment being given and received.  And when the time is right, we see evidence of this this fallow period.

Our culture does not place much value on this process.  We want to harvest,  We want the bounty.  We want proof that if we plant a seed, it’s going to sprout. Otherwise, we are hesitant to plant it.  Why should we, if there’s no guarantee it will bear fruit.

Over the years, I have come to recognize the value in the planting.  There’s hope in planting.  There’s possibility in planting.  Planting requires trust that the seed has been received in fertile soil.

Something I say to my clients all the time is ” I’m just going to drop this idea, or thought, or truth into this space right now. You may not be able to understand it, or comprehend or digest it.  That’s ok.  It will come”

Even if my client ( or you and me) is not able to fully grasp something right then, it does not mean I have wasted my breath or my attempt was for naught.  It simply means that the time is not quite right .

I believe it is our responsibility to keep out soil tilled and rich and ready.  We do this through self care, through keeping our emotional passage ways clear and free of debris.  By connecting to our own hearts and truth. Not so that we get a beautiful crop per se, but more that have created a lush environment for life to grow in us.

Don’t underestimate the value of planting.  What seeds are you putting in the ground today?


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