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Pixie Dust and Fairy Sprinkles: A Message from my Soul Voice

For most of my life, I have looked outside myself for answers, always assuming other people knew what was right for me better than I did. So it’s really no surprise that when I opened my business a few years ago, I started down that road again. I followed the gurus of coaching who all had templates, formulas and blueprints about how to attract the perfect clients, sky rocket my business and make a gillion dollars in a week. I was relying entirely on what had worked for other people, and trying so hard to fit a square peg n a round hole.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

I was frustrated and perplexed because I was doing what they were telling me to do. But I was not having the staggering results they claimed I would have. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. Maybe I just don’t want this bad enough, I would say to myself. Or I guess Im just not cut out to be a business owner. I can’t tell you how many times I almost closed my doors and went back the the 9-5!

If you are reading this, I know you can relate to those feelings of despair and defeat in some way on your journey!

6 months or so ago, it hit me that everything I needed to know about my business was already inside me; I needed to stop giving my power away to everyone else and trust that I knew the way. As I tell my clients, it’s an inside job. Always. The time had come to get serious about hearing my inner wisdom, so I committed to working with a coach who helps women deepen into the voice of their soul. As homework, I was to sit in silence with myself for 30 minutes a day, inviting my higher self to speak to me.

And so I did. And I do. And I began a dialogue with her, asking her to show me what my tribe most needs from me, what I need to create to serve them at the very highest level. I just knew that i was going to be guided to develop a program or course or offering that would resonate so deeply, women would be beating down my door to work with me.

For several days it was radio silence.

Then yesterday, I got an answer. And it was not at all what I expected.

My Higher self says to me ” You don’t need to do anything. It’s who you need to be. You need to own the fact that you are magic. You need to see yourself as I see you. That’s what your people need from you right now”.

Mind. Blown.

So I asked her how to own my magic. And she told me that I needed to speak it out loud, because speaking truth into the universe creates it. And she told me that my tribe needed to hear me speak it out loud too.

I immediately resisted. I cant do that, I told her. It’s so arrogant. People will think I’m stuck up and too full of myself.

No, she said. It’s not arrogant. It’s simply true. And people need to hear you own and speak the truth about who you really are because the minute you do, it opens a portal for them to own and speak the truth about themselves.

Mind. Blown. Again.

I asked her to please show me how she sees me. She told me. And i will tell you now.

I am fire, wind, rain, thunder and lightning.
I am electricity.
I am the the power and beauty of the storm.
I am the exquisite, breathtaking, bittersweet ending to the book you cant put down but dread to finish because there is no more savoring the story.
I am brave and strong
I am warrior
I am a poet
I am a high Priestess and Goddess
I am legendary.
I am a divinely creative visionary
I am ferocious.
I am the shimmering stars in the inky black sky.
I am the bold moon shining brightly, unassuming but vibrant and alive.
I am pixie dust and fairy sprinkles
I am the the magic of the whole universe bursting forth in all its glory.

My soul told me to tell you that you are all of this too too, my friend. As I am, so you are. Own it. Claim it as your own. And speak it into existence.

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