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I Wish Someone Had Told Me…


Come here. Sit with me. FInd your coziest spot and snuggle up. If you will allow me, I’d like to share what I wish someone had told me many years ago..

Throw back the curtain on your life with reckless abandon.  Come out of hiding now.  There is nothing for you in the shadows and back alleys of your existence.

You are allowed to tend to your own heart first. Without the heaviness of others expectations and demands of you.  In this and all moments , you are not obligated to be pleasing or placating to make others more comfortable or safe.

There is such freedom for you if you will only reunite with the self that knows no pretense and facade.  The self that you touch upon in the quiet moments and lose so easily in the noise.  The wild, untamed being that you are, but sometimes forget.  

You remember her, don’t you?

She’s the you that was there before you were shushed or told to contain your excitement and starry eyed desire, lest you be too much.  

The you you were before someone insisted that you act your age, hide your feelings or behave like a good girl so you would be lovable.

The you you breathed before someone squeezed you into tiny, too small boxes of their own design and creation.

She’s the you that came into this world with a howl, all stardust and magic, moonbeams and galaxies spilling forth from your inherent being.

Unembarrassed. Unapologetic. And Unencumbered.

Deep as the ocean, wide as the cosmos, wild and free as Mother Nature herself.

She’s the you that you come home to when everyone and everything else falls away.

I want you to know that you can be fiercely loyal to this you, for she is your liberation and your salvation.

In her, you will find your wholeness. Your devotion. Your perfection. Your rightness. Your beauty and tenderness.

And if you let her, she will show you where you have veered off the path she has set forth for you in her ageless wisdom.

She will speak to you of truths withheld, feelings unspoken, and all the myriad ways you have splintered yourself into a million pieces to be loved.

This is a sobering place to stand in, this seeing of your holes and cracks.

Becoming awake to the gyrations you perform in order to be received in your life.

And so she will come whisper in your ear as you sleep ” Do not be ashamed beloved. We are all doing this”

There is beauty and vitality in this pain, she will tell you. Let it split you open. Let it show you all the places you are hiding, being restrained and living for someone else. Let it guide you toward your most authentic you.

Close your eyes now, sweetheart. Follow the sweetness of your breath, dropping more and more of your false self with each exhale. Start to come home to the simplicity of your being.

Hold yourself here, in this place. Start to see all the beauty you contain. Feel the center of you and notice in this quiet space, there is not one thing lacking in you.

Listen when I tell you that tending to this sacred part of you is your most important endeavor.

Anything you choose that causes this part of yourself to feel sore, bruised, battered, compromised, rejected, abandoned, or threatened, surrender it now.

Care for the ground on which your center is rooted with exquisite devotion.

Love yourself first with a fiery steadfastness. If you do this, everything that is not meant for you will fade away.

Look up at the vastness of the sky. The inky black night filled with millions of twinkling stars. This is all meant for you.

The you inside of you knows exactly what you are holding onto that keeps you stuck. Let it go and ascend above the things that are rattling your center.

You do not need to effort to be loved.

So go now. Eyes wide open. Welcome all pain, for it is lovingly calling you back home to yourself.

The you you were always meant to be.


Your Fairy Godmother

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