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How Could Anyone Ever Tell You…

I spent 90 days in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2004 healing from addictions and toxic relationships.

A huge part of that work involved coming to know the younger parts of myself that I’d had to bury to survive in my life to that point.

One day, as I was meeting the 5 year old me, someone played this song.  And it moved me in ways that I still can’t explain.  So I won’t try.

But I will share it with you now.

Because the truth is we all have those little selves we had to hide still inside us.  They don’t go away just because we grow up.

Grab a picture of yourself when you were little if you can.  If not, imagine yourself as a youngster.  Go somewhere undisturbed, put your hand over your heart, and breathe in the truth of just how precious you’ve always been as you listen…



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