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Before my work with Candace, I was so overwhelmed by the need to be perfect and in-control. I could never live up to my own expectations, and nothing and nobody else could either. It got to the point where nearly every day I was feeling overworked, beaten down, unloved and unappreciated—and I didn’t know why. I was defensive and reactive with coworkers and my partner. Eventually my situation got so out of control that I began having debilitating panic attacks and severe insomnia.

That’s what brought me to Candace, and I’m so glad it did. Candace helped me unpack my perfectionism and emotional baggage. Her unique process helped me to discover where I collected all of these shaming messages, to identify all the ways shame has dragged me down, and then to minimize the shame I experience in my day-to-day life.

I’m no longer a passive observer to my own life—I’m an active participant in it. I feel more alive than I ever have before, more in tune with what I want and need, and more confident that I have the tools to CREATE the life I want. If it weren’t for my work with Candace, I feel sure I would never have received a promotion at work. I would never have been able to be so honest in my relationships. Life felt heavy and hard before. And while it will never be “perfect,” my life feels lighter, easier and more exciting. With Candace’s guidance, I have become my own best advocate

Perfection and Control…. was killing me!

With Candace’s help, I gained the confidence to ask ” is this really the job that I want?”  Candace supported my process. She held the light to the dark places in my psyche.  The work we have done together gave me the courage to leave my job.  My new job aligns with my values and I am doing work that I love.  Candace is insightful, kind and empathetic.  I am living my life now.  I am happy.  And I have Candace to thank for that.

Working in the wrong place!

One year ago, I had an unsettling encounter at work where a supervisor berated and verbally attacked me.  I experienced a lot of anger around this and had a hard time letting it go.  I have been in therapy on and off my whole life so I was familiar with the process.  I made a thousand excuses for not sticking with it, and would get a “band aid ” fix, then stop.  So I came to Candace looking for and expecting that quick fix.  Instead, Candace helped me open myself up, explore what was there, and put myself back together in a way that has profoundly changes the way I see myself and others.  She approaches our sessions with a curiosity and openness that has allowed me to be vulnerable in ways I have never been able to with other therapists.  Through exploring my relationship with myself, I have discovered a whole new way to approach life.  I have joy now.  There is peace in my life.  I am living an authentic life that resonates with my soul.  -S.R.N.

My Supervisor Berated and Attacked Me!

I am not saying that therapy has been an easy process for me.  There were moments that i did not want to deal with my own emotions.  I still have work to do on myself, but what I have realized with Candace’s help is that I am worth it.  I am worth every ounce of time and money i have put into therapy.  I am worth every tear that I cried.  And most importantly, now that I know my own worth, others see it as well. It’s been the truth all along but I had to believe it myself before anyone else could.  Working with candace has shown me that I am capable of loving myself.  And this is really all that I ever needed.

I didn’t want to deal with myself

I had tried therapy in the past, but my experience with Candace was very different.  With past therapy, the most positive things I gained was the releif at being heard.   Candace did more than just listen to me.  She helped me dig to the root of the issues I was experiencing, and helped show me that the negative beliefs i had about myself were untrue.  Her methods were completely different from anything that I had experienced with other therapists, and I know that my time with her helped change the way i think and feel about myself.  I have received lasting benefits, instead of the temporary relief i have gained from past therapy.

Her methods were completely different!

I thought I needed to be fixed.  When I started therapy, it was with the idea that something was wrong with me and needed to be fixed. Candace gave me the skills I needed to change this way of looking at myself, and I learned to embrace my whole self, especially the parts that I thought were too needy, emotional, or simply unloveable.

Client, North Carolina, USA

I’ve come to the realization that I am worth it, other people are capable of seeing this as well. It’s been the truth all along, but I had to believe it before anybody else could. Throughout the therapy process, I have learned that I’m capable of loving myself. And this is really all that I ever needed. – Thank You Candace M.S., Client

I am worth it

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