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Be The Lighthouse

Look at this picture.  I  mean, really look at it.  Do you see it?  Her innocence.  Her purity of heart.

See past her face and into her eyes.  Do you feel it?  Her preciousness.  Her tenderness.  Her generosity.  Her right-ness.  Her wholeness.  Her spirit.

This is a picture of me when I was 3 0r 4.  I feel her heart touch mine as I gaze lovingly at her.  I caress her cheek with the back of my hand.  She and I did not speak for several years.  We were both deeply, achingly missed by the other.  And now that we are reunited, our hearts will never leave each other again.  It’s simply too painful.

I was given a vision several days ago of this girl at this exact age.  In my vision, she had a box in her hand.  The box was beautifully wrapped with satiny ribbons and shiny paper.  She was facing a long line of people she had cared for and trusted with her essence over the years.  I could feel her child-like excitement as she extended the box to the person in front of her.  I could see her anticipation, her joy.  I could sense her yearning to give this beautiful gift to the people she held most dear.

For in the box was her heart.  Her soul. Her love. Her light

I saw her hand the box with the abandon of a child to the people in front of her.  Some ignored it completely.  Some patted her on the head and said ” Oh, that’s so cute, Ill look at it later” and set the box to the side.

Dismissed.  Dismissive.

Still others politely thanked her for the gift because they were supposed to, but then told her that it wasn’t the right size, or color, or it wasn’t their style.

Her face fell.  Her crushing disappointment was palpable.  I could feel her heart breaking.  She averted her eyes and wept openly.  But with each passing person who would not take her gift,   she started to wonder if there was something wrong with it.  And then she wondered if there was something wrong with her for wanting, needing to give it in the first place. Eventually her tears just dried up.  Pieces of her died. She tried valiantly to pretend they didn’t.  To pretend like it was ok, that it did not matter.

But it did.  And it does.

The next thing I heard was a voice. A kind and gentle voice that whispered, ” I see you.  I see your big beautiful heart and it’s breathtaking.  You were right to want to give this gift to people.  And you need to offer it now.  You can’t keep this wonderful expression of you to yourself anymore.  You need to give it or the pieces of you will continue to fall away like the autumn leaves.”

“But be warned.  You MUST not give this precious gift to anyone who can not receive it and treat it with reverence.  And you MUST siphon the people from your life who cast it aside.  Feel it’s power.”

And I did as tears flowed down my face.

Two days later, I received another message.

Do not offer this gift of your light to people in boxes, hoping that they will take it.  Be the  lighthouse.    She’s not begging people to see her light.  She is the light.  She simply shines without fear that people will not see her.  She is always bright.  Many people will be attracted to her shores.  But they can not be offered a place to dock their boat if they do not understand the value of her light.

The light is within you as well.

You are right for wanting to share it.

Own it.

Protect it with the sacredness and honor that it deserves.

Be the lighthouse.

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