It’s morning again.  You wake up exhausted after another restless night  of sleep because your mind was going a million miles an hour.

As you pour your first cup of coffee, you wonder when life got so hard.   Between your job, the kids, the dog, the house, and your partner, there is never enough time for you.

You remember having dreams at one point, but that seems like so long ago.  Now every day feels like Groundhog Day.  You are simply going through the motions and you know it.

Sometimes you wake up at 2 AM and think “ Is this all there is to life?”

You immediately dismiss that thought.   You should be grateful right?  After all, there are people who have it way worse than you.

You have nothing to complain about.

It’s just that…. Well, you feel so empty and unfulfilled.  And if you want to know the truth, you feel lonely.  You have friends but they are all busy and you don’t want to bother them with the petty details of your life.

Besides, you don’t want them to know that you don’t have your shit together, because they all seem to.

You could talk to your partner, but actually the two of you have not been getting along that well lately and you feel disconnected from them.

Hell, you feel disconnected from yourself.

There’s this nagging feeling in your soul that something is off.

Or worse, that there is something wrong with you.  You feel uninspired, and stuck, overwhelmed and irritable.

Or you don’t feel anything at all other than  endless numbness..

You wonder if you may be depressed., but you’re sure if you just suck it up and push through, life will get better.

Except it doesn’t.

Finally, after months of the heaviness and weariness of just getting by, you decide It’s time to talk to a therapist.

So you spend an entire morning Googling therapists in your area.  But it’s so confusing.  What do all those letters after their names mean/. Who cares where they went to school?

You just want to see someone who’s down to earth and gets you.  You are sick and tired of feeling this way and you want relief ASAP.

I get it.  Truly, I do.  I’ve been right where you are.  And I know exactly how to help you.

If you are ready to step into your power  in a big way, call me to get started @ 336.207.8921

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My Philosophy

Counseling that stretches over a lifetime is not part of my DNA. You need to heal, move on and enjoy your life. I’m here to partner with you and help you do any work necessary for that to happen.  -Candace Folden, Licensed Therapist, LPC, & Women’s Empowerment Coach

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