5 Toxic Relationship Patterns to Avoid

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I’m Candace Folden

I am a Licensed Therapist, Coach and fellow seeker.

Face it.  If you landed here, it’s not by accident.  You are searching for something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Maybe it’s a richer, deeper experience of life.

Perhaps you yearn to be more connected and intimate with your partner.

Or you see that your past emotional baggage is preventing you from finding and sustaining the love you deeply desire, or being in a career that is truly aligned with your soul.

Whatever the reason you were called here, it’s what wakes you up at 2 AM asking “Is this all there is to life?”

Let’s cut to the chase.  You are a smart, savvy high achiever who is super successful in so many areas of your life.  But you’re tired of feeling like shit about yourself underneath the mask of competence that you wear.  You don’t understand why you still believe there is something wrong with you despite all you have accomplished. You are exhausted from doing all the heavy lifting in your life, and long to be seen for who you authentically are.

I am thrilled you found me!  I have the skills and experience to show you how to reconnect with your vitality.  Your creativity.  Your inner guidance and knowing.  I can teach you how to reclaim the lost parts of yourself so that you have clarity about your next steps.  And I will guide you on a journey or self transformation and healing from the inside out!

How do I do this?

Sometimes it looks like me holding your feet to the fire, and lovingly but firmly pushing you to your next level.

Other times, it means me reflecting back to you the truth that you already know in your heart.

Often, it means allowing you the room to feel uncomfortable and squirmy, fully trusting that you can handle your own pain.

It can also mean silence and holding space while you shift, and letting you reach your own conclusions about what is right for you.

I don’t have your answers for you, but i do know how to help you find them for yourself.

If you are ready to step into your power  in a big way, click here to find out more about working with me.

10 quirky fun things that make me..me

  1. I hate shoes and wear them only because I have to in public.  I would be barefoot all the time if I could be, and always am at home.
  2. I adore ballroom dancing, especially Argentine Tango..
  3. Being introverted, I require long periods of quiet and time alone to recharge.
  4. I don’t have a lot of acquaintance type friendships; I much prefer one on one deep connection with people.
  5. I hate cilantro. With a passion.
  6. I have had bird feeders right outside my kitchen window everywhere I have lived.  I watch the birds while I drink my coffee.
  7. I suck at coordinating outfits and looking pulled together all the time, and I rarely wear make up.
  8. I box twice a week.  In my head I look like a total bad ass!
  9. I have an obsession with writing utensils.   Finding a pen that writes really well makes my day!
  10. I have completed an Olympic distance triathlon in Washington, DC.  it is one of my proudest accomplishments!
5 Toxic Relationship Patterns to Avoid

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: 5 Toxic Relationship Patterns to Avoid

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Counseling that stretches over a lifetime is not part of my DNA. You need to heal, move on and enjoy your life. I’m here to partner with you and help you do any work necessary for that to happen.  -Candace Folden, Licensed Therapist, LPC, & Women’s Empowerment Coach

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